eBay SEO Consultant and Cassini SEO Expert

eBay SEO Consultant and Cassini SEO Expert Sagar Ganatra

I am an eBay SEO expert.I am the developer of the original Listing SEO Score, a statistical keyword ranking process solely for eBay listings.  Unlike my competitors, every service I offer is specific to eBay SEO.

I have a thorough understanding of Cassini, eBay’s search engine, the role various on-page elements play in eBay search as well as Google, and the function “Best Match” search plays in the success of an eBay seller.  I regularly assess why  products sell well on Amazon or a client’s main website and not on eBay.  And I am intimately familiar with the eBay selling process as a veteran eBay seller myself.

I am available to eBay sellers, regardless of size, for
(1) statistical product keyword analysis (my proprietary “Listing SEO Score” method),
(2) hands-on SEO and general Store improvements,
(3) one-time or ongoing consultations specific to your eBay listings, and/or
(4) my hourly eBay SEO mentorship program.

Beginning with our first sale, I have tested and retested the best “white hat” search engine optimization methods on eBay.

I have helped numerous sellers attract targeted buyers to their eBay listing pages.  Industries include audio and video cables, pop up market tents, aerial lift equipment, indoor furniture, acrylic phone accessories, podiatry instruments, children’s fashion jewelry, shoe shine products, vitamins and supplements, fall protection equipment, outdoor apparel, bathtubs and whirlpools, vintage audio gear, memory foam mattresses, sports memorabilia, cabinetry hardware, LED lighting products, bath and beauty products, premium headphones, custom fine jewelry, men’s grooming products, designer shoes, costume apparel, auto parts and accessories, exercise equipment, computer components, and book publishing.  I have also consulted several small online retailers just getting started on eBay.

I enjoy educating eBay sellers in the process of implementing solid eBay SEO techniques.  Whether you require start-to-finish guidance on the eBay SEO process as a whole or a consultation specific to improving your eBay Store and listings, I am available to sellers around the world.  You can even hire me to make the changes on your behalf.

I welcome any eBay seller, regardless of size, to contact me via Freelancer or here at your convenience.


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eBay SEO Consultant and Cassini SEO Expert
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