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Covid-19 Schema by Google CovidTestingFacility Addon to Update website Latest

Covid-19 Schema by Google CovidTestingFacility Addon to Update website Latest.  Google Recently Rollout a Covid-19 Schema about your website’s latest update.

here is a direct page to put code into your website

For New Updates on Covid-19 Schema – >

Update an event under Covid-19 –>

Update the status of the event under Covid-19

The eventStatus property sets the status of the event, particularly when the event has been canceled, postponed, or rescheduled.

  • If the event has been canceled: Set the eventStatus property to EventCancelled and keep the original date in the startDate of the event.
  • If the event has been postponed (but the date isn’t known yet): Keep the original date in the startDate of the event until you know when the event will take place and update the eventStatus to EventPostponed. The startDate property is required to help identify the unique event, and we need the date original startDate until you know the new date. Once you know the new date information, change the eventStatus to EventRescheduled and update the startDate and endDate with the new date information.
  • If the event has been rescheduled to a later date: Update the startDate and endDate with the relevant new dates. Optionally, you can also mark the eventStatus field as EventRescheduled and add the previousStartDate.
  • If the event has moved from in-person to online-only: Optionally update the eventStatus field to indicate the change with EventMovedOnline.

For more information on how to implement the eventStatus property, refer to the developer documentation.

Mark events as online only

More events are shifting to online only, and we’re actively working on a way to show this information to people on Google Search. If your event is happening only online, make sure to use the following properties:

For more information on how to implement the VirtualLocation type, refer to the developer documentation. Note: You can start using VirtualLocation and eventAttendanceMode even though they are still under development on


This term is proposed for full integration into, pending implementation feedback and adoption from applications and websites.

Thing > Organization > LocalBusiness > MedicalBusiness > MedicalClinic > CovidTestingFacility
Thing > Organization > MedicalOrganization > MedicalClinic > CovidTestingFacility
Thing > Place > LocalBusiness > MedicalBusiness > MedicalClinic > CovidTestingFacility

A CovidTestingFacility is a MedicalClinic where testing for the COVID-19 Coronavirus disease is available. If the facility is being made available from an established Pharmacy, Hotel, or other non-medical organization, multiple types can be listed. This makes it easier to re-use existing information about that place e.g. contact info, address, opening hours. Note that in an emergency, such information may not always be reliable.
So let me tell you in detail how to add covid-19 schema by Google into your website.
Step 1:- Open your website backend from Cpanel or if you are using WordPress open to logged-in to your admin panel.
Step 2:- Paste as below code into your header and before </header> ends and <body> starts. please change the text after copying the code.

<script type=”application/ld+json”>
“@context”: “”,
“@type”: “SpecialAnnouncement”,
“name”: ” COVID-19 notice”,
“text”: ” COVID-19 Notice text”,
“datePosted”: “2020-03-23”,
“url”: “”,
“category”: “”,
“about” : {
“@type”: “SpecialAnnouncement”,
“name”: “yourwebsite name”,
“url”: “”

Step 3: Craw your website .. if you are a SEO you knew it otherwise. Ask Question in Comment section i will guide you…

Thank you

Sagar Ganatra

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