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How to lockdown pause your business online in Google Search Covid-19

How to lockdown pause your business online in Google Search Covid-19 Period

Disable the cart functionality:

All-time favorite Disabling the cart functionality is the simplest thing (developers) and doesn’t change anything for your site’s visibility in search.

how to disable the cart functionality at home or without technical knowledge?

Step 1:- Ask Your developer by call, Whatsapp or SMS

Step 2:- If your developer is not answering and try to find details of your website’s CMS (Content Management system) or FTP file transfer protocol or Cpanel.

Step 3:- Logged In your CMS e.g if you are using WordPress logged in to and go to the product page select all and click on edit quantity, and set it to ZERO 0.

Step 4:- If products are more than 500. in WordPress go to the WooCommerce Setting and click on disable cart option or remove payment method.

Step 5:- If you are using another CMS just go to the setting and you will find an option to disable a cart.

Tell your customers what’s going on: Display a banner or popup div with appropriate information for your users, so that they’re aware of the business’s status. Mention any known and unusual delays, shipping times, pick-up or delivery options, etc. upfront, so that users continue with the right expectations. Make sure to follow our guidelines on popups and banners.


  • Update your structured data: If your site uses structured data (such as Products, Books, Events), make sure to adjust it appropriately (reflecting the current product availability, or changing events to canceled). If your business has a physical storefront, update Local Business structured data to reflect current opening hours.
  • Check your Merchant Center feed: If you use Merchant Center, follow the best practices for the availability attribute.
  • Tell Google about your updates: To ask Google to recrawl a limited number of pages (for example, the homepage), use Search Console. For a larger number of pages (for example, all of your product pages), use sitemaps.

Other things to consider

Beyond the operation of your web site, there are other actions you might want to take to pause your online business in Google Search:




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